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Intuitive Readings

Carmen’s genuine, heart-centered approach instantly puts her clients at ease. She is a pure conduit for divine messages. Carmen has the ability to connect psychically and uses oracles cards to create a Soul Tapestry reading. Soul Tapestries are the blending of several oracle decks to enhance her vision and clarity around her client’s energy. 

Carmen has a powerful connection to the Angelic Realm, especially the Archangels, as well as many of the Ascended Masters including; Kuan Yin, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Carmen's readings are always uplifting, empowering and leave you with a deep sense of peace in your heart. 

  • Soul Tapestry Reading:
    Carmen selects cards from 3-4 oracle decks to create your soul's tapestry. She energetically selects 12-15 cards and places them in a divinely guided order which unfolds like the pages of story. The layout becomes your unique soul tapestry. She then explains each card's significance and what your soul is conveying to her energetically. She often times sees images psychically and will relay those messages to you while she is creating your tapestry.

  • Intuitive/Psychic Reading:
    Carmen reads your energy and connect to the Archangels, Ascended Masters and her Cosmic Guides. She then shares any information which will shed light and understanding to your inquiry.


  • 15 - Minute Reading: $30

  • 30 - Minute Reading: $60

  • 45 - Minute Reading: $90

  • 60 - Minute Reading: $120

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