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Soul Pathway Session

Carmen illuminates pathways to higher consciousness assisting all in stepping into their divine essence. During a session, she can assist in clearing energetic blockages, opening pathways to create heart-soul alignment in living a life untethered. 

During a reading, Carmen channels messages while creating a Soul Tapestry - your ‘soul keys’ of understanding. Carmen has a very powerful connection to the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters, many of whom serve on her Counsel of Light. 

Carmen’s sessions are a multi-dimensional experience. When divinely guided, she channels Light Language, which speaks directly to our soul and DNA. Light Language has the ability to shift our energy to a higher frequency than we usually inhabit so deeper healing and can occur. 

For those struggling with healing matters of the heart, Carmen works alongside Ascended Master Quan Yin in the quantum heart field.  This transmutational, higher-vibrational heart energy allows clients to clear residual heart pain and live from a higher heart space. 


  • 15 - Minute Reading: $40

  • 30 - Minute Reading: $75

  • 45 - Minute Reading: $115

  • 60 - Minute Reading: $140

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