Intuitive Readings

During a reading, Carmen uses her psychic ability, deep intuition and her natural ability as an empath to enlighten and guide those seeking clarity or a deeper understanding. Divinely guided messages stream through by way of imagery revealed psychically or are channeled from her strong connection to the Angelic Realm. Carmen's readings come from an open, pure heart and are always uplifting, inspirational and healing to the soul!

  • Soul Tapestry Reading:
    Carmen selects cards from 3-4 oracle decks to create your soul's tapestry. She energetically selects 12-15 cards and places them in a divinely guided order which unfolds like the pages of story. The layout becomes your unique soul tapestry. She then explains each card's significance and what your soul is conveying to her energetically. She often times sees images psychically and will relay those messages to you while she is creating your tapestry.

  • Intuitive/Psychic Reading:
    Carmen reads your energy and connect to the Archangels, Ascended Masters and her Cosmic Guides. She then shares any information which will shed light and understanding to your inquiry.


  • 15 - Minute Reading: $30

  • 30 - Minute Reading: $60

  • 45 - Minute Reading: $90

  • 60 - Minute Reading: $120

By Appointment Only

Email: soulgoddesshealing@gmail.com

Tel:  617-435-5775

All persons contacting Carmen Hernandez must be 18 years or older.  Please note that all provided services are for entertainment purposes only. Carmen Hernandez is not liable for how the information is interpreted, utilized, or applied by the individual once services are rendered especially in regards to medical care, psychological, financial, legal, career, profession, personal matters, relationships, or any life decisions.
It is understood that the receiver will handle the information given to them by Carmen Hernandez responsibly and to acknowledge that the services are not guaranteed in any way

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