Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentors offer guidance in developing a practice which will deepen our connections with our inner-knowing/source/god/goddess/ground of being. They listen, support, challenge, and provide tools for greater understanding of our whole life. They not only teach, they model through their own living and their way of being with us.

To be spiritual is to experience connections that energize and support one's whole life. Those connections may be experienced with one's self, with others, and with the cosmos, but they need to be energizing and bring inspiration to us. When we seek a spiritual mentor, we ask another to be present to us as we seek those connections, to help us develop a practice which enables us to move closer to our source, to witness and challenge our process of living “life abundant.”

  • Are you ready to unlock your Intuitive abilities?

  • Do you feel you have always had a “calling,” but were never sure of how to develop it?

  • Do you have a spiritual business, but aren’t sure how to “get it off the ground?”

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By Appointment Only

Email: soulgoddesshealing@gmail.com

Tel:  617-435-5775

All persons contacting Carmen Hernandez must be 18 years or older.  Please note that all provided services are for entertainment purposes only. Carmen Hernandez is not liable for how the information is interpreted, utilized, or applied by the individual once services are rendered especially in regards to medical care, psychological, financial, legal, career, profession, personal matters, relationships, or any life decisions.
It is understood that the receiver will handle the information given to them by Carmen Hernandez responsibly and to acknowledge that the services are not guaranteed in any way

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